AASC State Climatologist History Page

Welcome. The history of the state climatologist is an important one to be remembered.  Many in the field have gone before and paved the way for today's state climatoligsits.  Much of what seems new is often found to be not that new afterall, as many of today's challenges were comtemplated by others in the past.  This page is intended as a recource to link to the past, perserving the history of state climatologist programs accross our nation through time.  In these many lists, documents and letters you will find important connections that should be preserved for state climatologists to ponder on in the years to come.

- Master list of state climatologists 1885-present (coming soon)

- Each state's history page -  example Wisconsin history page hosted on Wisconsin web site (coming soon)

- Important historical documents:  Climatological Service Memorandum (CSM's) 1948 - 1965, charter of AASC, past AASC programs, etc.

- History of the state climatologist program -- Paul Waite, Helmut Landsberg documents, etc. (coming soon)

- History of NWS and AASC logos over time (coming soon)

- Historical topics related to the AASC (observations, COOP, etc)

- Past AASC presidents, Past AASC Annual Meetings (coming soon)