Mission, vision and goals


The AASC is committed to advancing the development and delivery of science-based climate services on a local and state level.


The AASC envisions a society in which decisions regarding matters of climate, from local to national scales, are guided by science-based information concerning historical and current observed climate and scenarios of future climate.


  1. Support efforts at the state level to build and sustain effective state climate offices.
  2. Facilitate interaction and collaboration among providers of climate services at the state, regional, and national levels.
  3. Champion in-situ climate monitoring networks to collect high-quality data that are representative of local and regional variations in climate.
  4. Promote research and development of climate products and services in cooperation with stakeholders.
  5. Encourage timely and effective communication of climate information at state and local levels.
  6. Promote education outreach that increases climate literacy amongst stakeholder communities and the general public.