Journal of Service Climatology

The Journal of Service Climatology publishes peer-reviewed research articles in applied and service climatology, including but not limited to agricultural and forestry climatology, bioclimatology, climate data quality and instrumentation, environmental climatology, hydroclimatology, human dimensions of climate risk and socioeconomic impact assessments, and climate services administration.

The Journal also publishes review articles on the use of climate information in decision making, climate service tools (web-based or stand alone programs), data sets with detailed meta-data, climate education materials (including stand alone technical presentations), notes, comments to the editor, and invited articles.

Because the Journal is an online publication, manuscripts are published upon their acceptance at Accepted manuscripts are numbered sequentially, according to their date of acceptance. Volume numbers change each calendar year. Occasionally, the Journal may publish a response to an article. These articles, which are also peer-reviewed, will be grouped with the "parent" article and given a subordinate letter (e.g., the first response to article 3 will be designated 3(a)).

The Editor of the Journal is Dr. Jim Angel, University of Illinois. Please contact us at