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California State Climate Office
CA Dept of Water Resources
Division of Flood Management
Sacramento, CA 95821
To visit the California State Climate Office webpage click here.

The California State Climate Office collects and interprets climate data for California, and disseminates climate data and information through various means including this portal. The California State Climate Office is housed in the California Department of Water Resources' Division of Flood Management.


California also has the California Climate Data Archive at the Western Region Climate Center - a project sponsored by the the Western Region Climate Center,  the California Department of Water Resources, the California Energy Commission and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.



Daily Drought Information Summary - http://cdec.water.ca.gov/cgi-progs/reports/DROUGHTSUM

Daily Hydrologic Conditions Summary - http://cdec.water.ca.gov/floodER/hydro/

 Department Drougth Publications Page - http://www.water.ca.gov/waterconditions/publications.cfm


March Climate Notables


Statewide Average Precipitation (from California Climate Tracker): 3.12 inches

Statewide Average Maximum Temperature (from California Climate Tracker):  59.6°F

Statewide Average Minimum Temperature (from California Climate Tracker): 36.2°F


Northern California 8-Station Index: 

High Precipitation 1995 with 22.85 inches

            Low Precipitation 1923 with 0.49 inches

            Average is 6.9 inches


San Joaquin 5-Station Index:

            High Precipitation 1995 19.91 inches

            Low Precipitation 1972 with 0.28 inches

            Average is 5.9 inches


Gasquet Ranger Station ended 63 consecutive days of rain in March 1998


Average Maximum Temperatures for March

Eureka              55.5°F

Redding            65.3°F

San Francisco   61.2°F

Sacramento      64.9°F

Los Angeles      68.8°F

Fresno              67.0°F

San Diego        65.9°F

Death Valley     81.3°F


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