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Featured Climate Tool for August
Aug 01, 2012 [
AASC Webmaster |

Colorado Climate Trends



The featured climate utility for August was developed by the Colorado Climate Center with assistance from the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA) and climatologist colleagues at the University of Colorado. The CO climate trends tool allows the user to easily download time series and plot data for Colorado’s highest quality, long-term Cooperative (COOP) stations. In use since about 2008, the Colorado Climate Center is the single greatest user of this tool. Colorado resource managers, educators, students, private consultants, and researchers have also reported consistent use.

Though the stations available in the tool represent what the CO Climate Center has deemed as the best long-term stations, no station is immune to environmental impacts. For this reason, a narrative describing any significant changes to the instrumentation, location of the station, environment around the station, or time of the observations is provided as well as information on how those changes may have impacted the data. Raw data and plotting capabilities are also present, and various user-controlled plotting options allow the user to customize the plots for their needs. 

Positive feedback on this utility has been abundant, including use ranging from the general public to federal agencies. The great value in the utility will be recognized and appreciated by the AASC community, and perhaps serve as a model for additional tool development by other states.  


Each month, an AASC-developed climate tool will be featured from our “Climate Tools Database”, expanding on the short description already listed in the table. 

written by Karin Bumbaco
Assistant State Climatologist OWSC


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